Verifying the Descriptive Analytics Installation
In ThingWorx Composer
To verify either of the Descriptive Analytics microservers from ThingWorx Composer, follow the steps below:
1. Enter ThingWorx Composer and navigate to the Things page.
2. Scroll through the list of Things to find one of the following Things that was created during the Descriptive Analytics installation:
3. Click to open the Thing and navigate to the Services page.
4. In the Inherited Services table, find the VersionInfo service and click to open it.
5. In the Inputs panel, click the green Execute button. If the microserver is installed properly and connected, the current product version number will be returned in the Output panel.
Version Information
In a Linux Environment
When the installation is complete, you can verify its success by navigating to /opt/ThingWorxAnalytics/PlatformAnalytics/DescriptiveAnalytics. Use a list command to check its contents. The installation of Descriptive Analytics includes a JAR file for the installed service (shown in red below).
jar file
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