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Upgrade Platform Analytics from an Earlier Version
The Platform Analytics installer includes an upgrade path from earlier versions of each installed component. When the current installer runs, it checks for any previous installations. If an earlier release is detected, you are prompted to upgrade. If the installer detects the current release already installed, you are prompted to reinstall. Reinstallation can be useful to repair or modify your existing server installation. For more information about reinstalling, see Repair or Modify an Existing Installation
When you upgrade an earlier version, the new version is installed in the old installation directory. The old directory will be preselected during installation.
The upgrade process migrates all the data related to existing jobs and results. Log files are preserved. When the upgrade is complete, the installer continues its deployment process. If the upgrade fails, the installer rolls back all changes.
When an upgrade completes successfully, it cannot be rolled back to the previous version. So, be sure that you want to keep the upgrade before you opt to run it.
When you upgrade an installation, only configuration parameters you were prompted for during the original installation are persisted. Any custom configuration changes made to properties or service files are reset to their default values and must be manually reconfigured after the upgrade.
As an extra precaution, if upgrading installation of the Property Transform component, back up the workdir folder of your existing installation before you run the upgrade.
Note that an upgrade to thePlatform Analyticscomponents will likely require an upgrade to yourThingWorxserver as well. TheThingWorxserver must be upgraded before you run theThingWorx Analyticsinstaller.
Notes for Upgrading Descriptive Analytics
Beginning with the 8.4 release, Descriptive Analytics is installed as part of the Platform Analytics installer. However, in previous releases, Descriptive Analytics was installed via the Analytics Server installer. For this reason, when a version of Descriptive Analytics from 8.3 or earlier is detected during 8.4 or later installation, it must be removed manually before the newer installation can launch successfully.
The manual removal in necessary only when upgrading from an 8.3 or earlier version. When upgrading from 8.4 to a subsequent release, the manual step is not necessary.
To remove pre-8.4 versions of Descriptive Analytics
1. In a terminal window, navigate to the installed ThingWorxAnalytics/DescriptiveAnalytics directory.
2. Run the following uninstall command, as root user: ./DescriptiveAnalytics_uninstall
3. When prompted to confirm the uninstall command, type y.
Descriptive Analytics will be uninstalled from your system.
4. To ensure that all related files are removed, navigate to the ThingWorxAnalytics installation directory, and use the following command to delete the entire Descriptive Analytics directory:
rm -rf DescriptiveAnalytics
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