Troubleshooting ThingWorx Analytics Server
The Linux version of ThingWorx Analytics installs and configures its components as Linux systemd services.
After the installation, several basic utility scripts and commands are available to troubleshoot the application, when necessary.
In the troubleshooting commands described below, the default installation directory is assumed to be the following:
If your installation directory is different, for example because you’ve upgraded from a previous release, adjust the commands accordingly. For more information, see Upgrade from an Earlier Version.
Administration of the ThingWorx Analytics Server requires installation user access (in root mode).
To Stop, Restart, Check Status, or List Components
1. Open a terminal window as the root user.
2. Navigate to the installation bin directory:
3. Use the utility to run any of the following commands on the ThingWorx Analytics Server:
Stop the server: ./ stop
Restart the server: ./ restart
Check the status of the underlying components: ./ status
List the underlying components service: ./ list
To Restart a Single Service
1. Open a terminal window as the root user.
2. To find the name of the service you want to restart, enter the following list command:
/opt/ThingWorxAnalytics/ThingWorxAnalyticsServer/bin/ list
3. Enter the following command to restart a specific service (for example, the service name of the ThingWorx Adapter is twas-twx-adapter):
systemctl restart twas-twx-adapter
To Check Component Logs
Most component logs are available at the following path:
Log information about ZooKeeper is available with a different file extension from the following path:
For more detailed information about component log files and about logging levels, see Component Log Files
To Resolve Executable Permissions
If the installer file does not have the necessary executable permissions, a Permission Denied error will appear when you try to run it. To manually resolve this permissions issue, follow the steps below.
1. Open a terminal window as the root user.
2. Navigate to the location where you saved the extracted files when you downloaded the installer media.
3. Run the following command to provide executable permission to the ThingWorxAnalytics-<n.n.n> installer file:
chmod 777 ThingWorxAnalytics-<n.n.n>
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