Scale the Number of Workers
Currently, when installing the ThingWorx Analytics Server, three workers are provided. However, the number of workers can be scaled up or down after the installation is complete. Keep in mind that multiple workers will allow more job requests to be processed simultaneously, but will not increase the speed with which any given job is handled.
To scale the number of workers:
1. Open the terminal window as root user.
2. Navigate to the bin folder of the installation directory.
For example: /opt/ThingWorxAnalytics/ThingWorxAnalyticsServer/bin
If your installation directory is different, for example because you’ve upgraded from a previous release, adjust your navigation accordingly. For more information, see Upgrade from an Earlier Version.
3. Execute the following command: ./ start <number of workers>
For example, to run a total of 5 workers, enter: start 5
If 5 workers is more than the number running previously, new workers are started. If 5 is less than the number running previously, some workers will be removed.
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