Windows Powershell
Windows Powershell version 3 or higher is required to install ThingWorx Analytics components in a Windows environment.
However, if you are working with ThingWorx Analytics 8.2 or earlier, the installation of the ThingWorx Analytics Worker on a Window operating system requires a small modification to both the Windows Powershell and the Windows Powershell (x86). Make the change as follows:
1. In the Windows start menu, search for powershell.
2. In the results, right click on Windows Powershell and select Run As Administrator. The Powershell window opens.
3. At the prompt in the Powershell window, enter the following command: Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
4. When prompted, enter y (for Yes) and press the Enter key. The execution policy is updated and the system prompt returns.
5. Close the Powershell window and repeat steps 2 – 4 for Windows Powershell (x86).
The above steps are not necessary when working with ThingWorx Analytics 8.3 or later.
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