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Updating Encrypted Keys and Passwords
ThingWorx Analytics provides a script to simplify the task of updating keys and passwords that are encrypted for security. This encryption update script eliminates the manual work of copying randomly generated Key Store directory and file names and plugging them into a complex Java command. Instead, the script can be launched using a simple command that requires only two parameters.
The script, update-encrypted-password, is stored in the install bin directory when either the Analytics Server or the Platform Analytics installers are run. This single script can be used to updated any of the following encrypted keys or passwords:
ThingWorx AppKey – This AppKey is required for Analytics components to communicate with a ThingWorx server.
ThingWorx Analytics API Key – This API key is required, starting in release 8.5, to communicate with the internal ThingWorx Analytics APIs.
RabbitMQ Password – This password is required to protect the RabbitMQ exchange which handles communication between Property Transform components.
The Script
The update-encrypted-password script can be launched from the bin directory of either Analytics Server or Platform Analytics. The command to run the script requires only two parameters, a type code that indicates which key or password needs encrypting and the new key or password itself. The possible type codes include the following:
a = API Key (applicable only in version 8.5 or later)
t = ThingWorx AppKey
r = RabbitMQ Password
Depending whether you are working in a Linux or Windows environment, the command uses the following syntax:
Linux – ./ <type> <new key or password>
Windows – update-encrupted-password.bat <type> <new key or password>
To see some script examples and get information about the required parameters, run the command with a –h switch to display on screen help. For example: ./ -h
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