Analytics Manager > Configuring Settings for Analytics Manager
Configuring Settings for Analytics Manager
Use the Analysis Settings page to access global settings for the Analytics Manager framework. Click Settings to view the Analysis Settings page.
You can modify the following global settings from this page:
Purge Frequency — Use this option to set the frequency of how often purge is to be run. Only those jobs that qualify based on their age as specified while configuring the provider configuration are purged. To change the purge frequency, enter the required values in the Hours and Minutes fields, and click Save.
Archive — Select the Archive check box to archive all jobs that are purged. The archived jobs, models, and the result files of the job are saved in TW.AnalysisServices.JobArchiveRepository in the asf directory.
Prepare for Upgrade — Before installing a new version of the extension, click Prepare for Upgrade to prepare your ThingWorx Composer for the upgrade. Select the Force Shutdown check box to prepare for upgrade immediately. Selecting this check box stops all jobs that are in process, and the preparation to upgrade process begins.
After you upgrade to the new version of the ThingWorx Analytics Extension, click the Restart after Upgrade on the Analysis Settings page to restart any jobs that were stopped while preparing for upgrade.
Model Deployment Timeout — Specify the time in seconds to set the amount of time after which the model deployment times out. By default, this is set to 60. Depending on the type of model file that you have while creating a model, you can modify this value.
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