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Create an Analysis Model
Before creating a new analysis model, ensure that you have created an analysis provider and started the analysis agent for your analysis tool.
Complete the following steps to create an analysis model:
1. From the left navigation pane, select Analysis Models, and click New.
The Create Analysis Model window is displayed.
2. In the Provider Name (Required) list, select an analysis provider from the available providers in the system.
The analysis model is associated with the selected analysis provider.
3. Use either of the following options to upload an input model for computation:
Spaces are not allowed in the file name of an analysis model.
Select the Upload Model check box, and click Choose File to browse to the location where you have saved your file that you want to upload. Click Upload to upload the file. For information about uploading different types of models, see Upload Different Types of Models.
The Model Name (Required) field is automatically populated with a sub-string of the model file name without the file extension following the last '.'.
Clear the Upload Model check box, and enter the URL in the Model File URL field. Ensure that your analysis provider supports download of models from external sources.
In the Model Name (Required) field, enter a name for the input model.
4. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the analysis model. This field is optional.
5. In the Inputs to Results Relationship list, select one of the following options depending on how you want to configure the analysis model:
Undefined — Creates an undefined inputs to results relationship.
Many to Many — Creates multiple results from multiple inputs.
Many to One — Creates a single result from multiple inputs.
One to Many — Creates multiple results from a single input.
One to One — Creates a single result from a single input.
6. In the Data Shape Generation list, select either of the following options to configure the creation of input data shapes and result data shapes:
Select Auto Generate to automatically create data shapes by querying the model file for input and result data structures.
Select Copy Data Shapes to manually create data shapes by selecting data shapes from any other existing analysis model data shapes.
Select Create Data Shapes to manually create data shapes. For more information on creating input and results data shapes, see Create Input and Result Data Shapes.
7. Click Save to save the analysis model.
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