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Tutorial: Configure a Mashup to Trigger an Analysis Event
If you do not want to use the pre-existing mashups that are available after you install the extension, you can build your own mashups and configure them to trigger an analysis event.
Before you configure a mashup to trigger an analysis event, ensure that you have done the following:
Created an analysis provider.
Created and deployed an analysis model.
For example, consider that MyAnalysisProvider is created, the analysis model, MyModel has been deployed to the analysis provider. The model has the input data shape, MyAnalysisProvider.MyModel.InputDatashape, and the result data shape, MyAnalysisProvider.MyModel.ResultDatashape.
After you create a mashup, complete the following steps if you want to trigger an analysis event for MyModel:
1. Create a new event named MyAnalysisTriggerEvent with data shape MyAnalysisProvider.MyModel.InputDatashape, which is the input data shape of MyModel.
2. Create a service MyAnalysisTriggerService with inputs as an infotable that has the MyAnalysisProvider.MyModel.InputDatashape data shape. The service code generates the MyAnalysisTriggerEvent event with event data populated from service inputs internally.
3. Create an event trigger for MyAnalysisProvider and MyModel on the event MyAnalysisTriggerEvent.
4. Complete the input and result mappings as per your requirement.
5. Invoke MyAnalysisTriggerService with proper input data from the mashup.
As mentioned in Step 2, the service code fires the MyAnalysisTriggerEvent internally with service inputs as event data. The event triggers analysis on MyModel.
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