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Create a Cascaded Analysis Event
For some events, job completion on a model that is triggered by an event, triggers a job on another event. These events are cascaded events. To create a cascaded event, complete the following steps:
Ensure that you have created the event that would trigger the cascaded event.
1. From the left navigation pane, select Analysis Events, and click New.
The Create New Event window is displayed.
2. In the Source Type (Required) list, select Thing.
3. In the Source (Required) list, click to search for and select the TW.AnalysisServices.AnalysisResourceProvider thing.
4. In the Event (Required) list, select the event on which you want to trigger the analysis. The default naming convention of the event is ProviderName_ModelName_JobCompleted. For agents that work as deployer agents, the naming convention is ProviderName_ModelName_DeploymentCompleted.
5. In the Provider Name (Required) list, select the analysis provider.
6. In the Model Name (Required) list, select the analysis model on which the analysis is executed.
Only those models that are enabled are available in the list.
7. Select the Run as Simulation check box to run the analysis in simulation mode.
8. Select the Run on Predecessor Host check box to run the cascaded event on the same host as the event that triggered it.
This is applicable for jobs running in the discrete mode only.
9. Click Save to save the cascaded analysis event.
After you create an analysis event, you must map input data and result data to properties. For more information, see Map Event Data to Properties.
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