Class ReportingStrategy

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      • ReportingStrategy

        protected ReportingStrategy()
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      • ReportingAlgorithm

        public java.lang.Boolean ReportingAlgorithm​(java.lang.String eventName,
                                                    org.joda.time.DateTime eventTime,
                                                    java.lang.String source,
                                                    java.lang.String sourceProperty,
                                                    InfoTable eventData)
        Service Category:
        Service Description:
        Evaluates a Thing to determine if it is Present.
        Specified by:
        ReportingAlgorithm in interface IReportingStrategy
        eventName - Name of the event - STRING
        eventTime - Time event is triggered - DATETIME
        source - Name of Thing that triggered event - STRING
        sourceProperty - Soure property - STRING
        eventData - Parameters necessary for the algorithm to determine if a Thing is reporting - INFOTABLE
        result Whether the parameters describe a Device that is Reporting normally - BOOLEAN

        Abstract service definition, expected to be overridden by Strategy instances. This is roughly the Strategy design pattern