Configuring SSL/TLS for ThingWorx Platform
You can configure SSL or TLS for ThingWorx Platform when using ThingWorx HA Clustering. To configure SSL or TLS for Tomcat, which is used by ThingWorx Platform, provide the following environment variables:
ENABLE_HTTPS: true # Enable HTTPS on ThingWorx .
HTTPS_PORT: 8443 # HTTPS port for ThingWorx service discovery. Clients i.e. Cx Server etc. uses this port to communicate to platform.
SERVER_HTTPS_PORT: 8443 # HTTPS port for Tomcat.
HTTPS_SERVICE_NAME: thingworx-https # Service name for HTTPS ThingWorx. Default is "thingworx-https".
SSL_KEYSTORE_BASE_PATH: /certs # SSL keystore base path for Tomcat.
SSL_KEYSTORE_FILENAME: platform.pfx # SSL keystore file name for Tomcat.
SSL_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD: password # SSL keystore password for Tomcat.
TOMCAT_SSL_PROTOCOLS: TLSv1.2 # SSL protocol. Multiple can be provided as "TLSv1+TLSv1.1+TLSv1.2"
If you are installing ThingWorx Flow, you must provide the ENABLE_HTTPS and HTTPS_PORT environment variables to configure ThingWorx Foundation to use SSL/TLS.
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