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What’s New in ThingWorx Platform 9.3.9
The following enhancements are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.3.9
Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage improvements include:
Modified writeAPIs to avoid a data loss at high-speed data ingestion with Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage. PTC makes sure that no data loss occurs when hardware or software limits are not reached.
Improved log information to make sure that all value-stream write errors are logged to a ThingWorx error log with the failure reason.
Corrected the Number of failed batch writes to stream and Number of stream entries that have been performed value stream monitoring metrics to count the failed batch writes correctly.
Added 2 new metrics for better monitoring and fine-tuning of batch size configuration in Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage: Number of stream entries sent per batch to write to database and Time consumed (nanosecond) per batch to write to database.
Modified the data stream import process to make sure that all the data is written successfully by controlling the imported data to InfluxDB Cloud if data limits are reached.
Simplified Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage configuration by obsoleting the Batch Size and Flush Interval options previously used by the asynchronous API. These remain in the configuration table for backward compatibility but have no effect on the functionality.
Provided the necessary control over the value stream queue and batch sizes in Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage configuration. Now the existing Max Wait Time Before Flushing Stream Buffer (millisec), Max no. of Items Before Flushing Stream Buffer, and Max number of Value Stream Writes in Process Block options are in direct control over the batch size and flush interval.
Data Export is now supported with Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage improvements.
For users using InfluxDB OSS 2.0 (leveraging Influx2PersistenceProviderPackage), to upgrade to ThingWorx 9.3.9 and later, the user must first upgrade to ThingWorx 9.3.8 to move to InfluxDB OSS v2.6 as an export is required prior the upgrade to InfluxDB v2.6.
Increased reliability by not creating unnecessary RxNewThreadScheduler threads that were slowing a ThingWorx server.
Configuration requirements when working with InfluxDB Cloud
To get better throughput with InfluxDB Cloud it is recommend to increase the Number of Processing Threads to 20 to reach a throughput of 40,000 wps, and Time for Write Timeout to 20 seconds.
PTC will work with InfluxData on the InfluxDB cloud performance and reliability, and provide configuration details for achieving desired throughput with less threads.
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