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What’s New in ThingWorx Platform 9.3.8
The following enhancements are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.3.8.
Added a new parameter MaxSearchItems to the platform settings that allows the users to increase the default Search limit according to the number of entities present in their environment. For more information, see platform-settings.json Configuration Details.
With the latest Docker Compose V2 changes from docker-compose to docker compose, commands related to ThingWorx Dockers have changed. For more information, see Docker documentation.
Mashup Builder
Mashup Migration
Enhanced the Mashup Migration dialog to improve the mashup migration experience.
Added support for migrating non-secure functions.
Added review and summary tabs that the list the affected widgets and functions.
Image Widget
Added a boolean property that enables you to pass Base64 URLs to the SourceURL property. For more information, see Image Widget (Themable).
Runtime Objects for Function Expressions
Using the Window.screen object inside function expressions is now deprecated. Use the TW.screen object instead. For more information, see Supported Runtime Functions and Objects.
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