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What’s New in ThingWorx Platform 9.3.5
The following enhancements are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.3.5.
Added a new service for Web Socket Communication subsystems:
For more information, see WebSocket Communications Subsystem.
The following enhancements are made to the adding entities to a Project.
A maximum of 5000 entities can be added. Project is read-only if there are more than 5000 entities. More than 5000 entities can not be added to a project through the Project Entity Editor.
Save button is disabled when the limit is reached. Save button is disabled in the Project Entity Editor.
Removing and adding entities is disabled from the project entity editor when the limit is reached.
This release includes a fix for a known issue (TW-100390) in 9.3.4 that causes upgrades and new installations of ThingWorx to fail when using the installer without access to the PTC metrics server. If you implemented the workaround for this issue, make sure to undo the change to the Hosts file that is suggested in the following PTC Support article before upgrading:
Mashup Builder
Mashup Migration
Added support for migrating spacing between rows and columns of legacy Layout widgets. Spacing is migrated to margin and padding properties of containers.
Chart Widgets
Added a property that enables you to show zoom in and out buttons on the toolbar of the following charts:
Bar Chart
Line Chart
Schedule Chart
Pareto Chart
Waterfall Chart
Label Chart
Added a property that enables you to preserve space in the layout by overlaying multiple Y-axes.
Menu Bar Widget
Added support for using Logout items within Menu entities and the MenuEntry data shape.
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