Release Notes > Release Notes for ThingWorx Platform 9.3
Release Notes for ThingWorx Platform 9.3
What’s New in ThingWorx Platform 9.3.16
Alert Processing Subsystem
Added a new configuration setting Do Not Log Active Alerts After Restart. For more information, see Alert Processing Subsystem.
Mashup Builder
Mashup WebSocket Connection Settings
WebSocket connections within mashups that are running in a background browser tab or window will now automatically disconnect after 5 minutes. By reducing unnecessary connections, this enhancement reduces network load and improves server performance. For more information, see Configuring Connection Settings for Inactive Mashups.
Added a configuration setting that enables you to always maintain connections, similar to previous versions of ThingWorx:
For standard deployments, added a MashupWebsocketConnectionAliveAfterTimeout configuration setting to the platform-settings.json file. For more information, see platform-settings.json Configuration Details.
For Docker images, added a MASHUP_WEBSOCKET_CONNECTION_ALIVE_AFTER_TIMEOUT variable. For more information, see Azure SQL Settings, Microsoft SQL Server Settings, and PostgreSQL Settings.
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