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Fixed Issues in ThingWorx Platform 9.4.0
The following fixed issues are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.4.0.
For a list of new features, refer to What's New in ThingWorx Platform 9.4.0.
Fixed Issues
Fixed potential security issues, including items proactively identified by vulnerability scanning software or PTC Quality Assurance testing. Please upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of these important improvements.
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue where Influx 2.0.8 created excessive RxNewThreadScheduler threads and caused a slowdown of the ThingWorx Platform.
Fixed an issue where filenames with special characters opened a file in a browser instead of downloading the file.
Fixed an issue with the audit record count metric. After the audit record count metric has been gathered, it became slower as the audit records increased.
Fixed an issue where files with multiple character names were displayed as ?? after executing PostMultipart service to an external system.
Fixed an issue with INFO logger UpdateSubscribedPropertyValues not printing the Thing name.
Fixed an issue where an infotable had the value as "undefined" instead of having the default value. When an infotable was created from a datashape which had default values, if a row was added to this infotable with missing columns, the values were undefined instead of having the default value.
Fixed an issue with entities data being sorted in random order.
Fixed an issue where FileTransferSubsystem switched to the wrong user context.
Fixed an issue where users were unable to connect to Sybase database in Thingworx 9.2.3.
Fixed an issue where all users, even those who were excluded from the filtering criteria, were removed from the User Group when using the Select All checkbox.
Fixed an issue where manual saving was required even if a value stream was set programmatically.
Fixed an issue where a publishing solution failed with an error even if it is not published to the Solution Central.
Mashup Builder
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue where ptcs-grid did not work with infotable as a mashup parameter for the Tree grid.
Fixed an issue where the property ShowRepositoryPath was disabled and the Path property was hidden, preventing users from binding a path.
Fixed an issue where the URL of a disabled row was clickable.
Fixed an issue where configurations applied to the Chip Based Data Filter using the Columns Configuration dialog did not apply correctly at run time.
Fixed an issue where displaying a property in a Property Display widget with a token for the Title causes the same property to not be displayed in other widgets (Value Display, Text Field, Text Area, etc.) or passed to an Expression.
Fixed an issue where the binding settings of a Text property on the Text Field widget disappeared after refreshing in the browser.
Fixed an issue where a Dropdown widget showed the wrong value when ResetToDefaultValue is triggered.
Fixed an issue where a Bar Chart widget with multiples sources and multiples selections was not working correctly in ThingWorx - X Axis of type string.
Fixed an issue where related tokens were not found in ThingWorx’s localization tables when using the new File Upload widget.
Fixed an issue with Margin property where the value is set for the Margin property, but Margin was not set at runtime for Grid without a migration.
Fixed an issue with the submenu text getting hidden in a screen corner when placed on the extreme right.
Fixed an issue where MenuLevelSelectedStyle was not applied to the font style.
Fixed an issue where the font size of Total Value could not be increased in a Stacked Bar Chart.
Fixed an issue where renaming the new grid column did not working correctly in ThingWorx 9.3.1.
Fixed an issue where a bar selection in the Bar Chart did not select a row in a grid.
Fixed an issue where target the mashup did not load when opening from a Navigate function with an error.
Fixed an issue where a user was unable to select the Hours, Minutes, Seconds when the values were entered manually.
Fixed an issue where users were able to search grid rows by using the URL text when the Column Renderer type was HTML.
Fixed an issue where a blank value in an editable field in a Grid widget was passed as undefinedstring when the Cell editor was selected.
Fixed an issue where a navigation window with a title could be dragged outside the browser frame, preventing the user to move the window again.
Fixed an issue where the hover color of a custom style theme worked only for the cascading type of the Menu widget, and not for the accordion type of the Menu widget.
Fixed an issue where the Sort option was not enabled for the basetype THINGNAME in the Grid Widget.
Fixed an issue where the Close option in popup mashups was displaced when developed for the 1366 x 625 px resolution.
Fixed an issue where the Horizontal Slider Zoom was not working when selecting the Column Chart in Bar Chart widget.
Fixed an issue where the Menu widget text label did not wrap compared to how it worked in ThingWorx 9.1.
Fixed an issue with the Menu Bar widget that was displayed incorrectly when the flexcontainer was split into multiple spaces in ThingWorx 9.3.
Fixed an issue where Tree Grid Advance widget did not respect the configured cell alignment when a theme was applied to it.
Fixed an issue where the widget content was not displayed at runtime when any CustomClass was applied to the Fieldset widget in a station manner
Fixed an issue where a mashup was not centrally aligned when opening a window on a Navigate function.
Fixed an issue where ResponsiveLayout was not selected when creating a Master with a Responsive Layout template.
Fixed an issue where user-session parameters were not updated in a mashup after a user login.
Fixed an issue where a window closed when downloading a file from the Collection Widget in the Chrome and Edge browsers.
Fixed an issue where a window remained open when clicking a menu item, while using the navigation function Click outside to close.
Fixed an issue where the visual opacity of the data inside a collection changed when clicking anywhere on the screen.
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