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Fixed Issues in ThingWorx Platform 9.3.14
The following fixed issues are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.3.14.
Fixed Issues
Fixed potential security issues, including items proactively identified by vulnerability scanning software or PTC Quality Assurance testing. Please upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of these important improvements.
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue where only debug messages were available in GC logs.
Fixed an issue where the GC logs generated were not getting rolled over and the latest data was updated in an older file.
Fixed an issue where Disconnected and Connected Events of GetProperties service were getting retriggered every 70 seconds.
Fixed an issue with using InfluxDB. While executing UpdateStreamEntry in a Stream thing, it was running DELETE command in the backend.
Fixed an issue where when a Property Read permission is added to System User, the end user is able to query the property value via Composer.
Mashup Builder
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue where extension upgrade failed.
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