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Enhancements and Fixed Issues in ThingWorx Platform 9.2.9
The following enhancements are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.2.9.
A known issue causes upgrades and new installations of ThingWorx to fail when performing an upgrade or a new installation and the PTC metrics server is not connected or configured. For more information, refer to the Known Issues and Limitations section.
In ThingWorx 9.2.9 or later, PTC is introducing mandatory license data collection for customers that do not apply for an exemption. The ThingWorx platform automatically collects license data and sends it to PTC. License usage data does not include any personal information, such as user names, email addresses, or passwords. If you are currently running ThingWorx using disconnected licensing mode, automatic license reporting is disabled.
To disable license data reporting without running the platform in disconnected licensing mode, you must apply for an exemption request by creating a License Service - Exemption Request using the Case Logger on the PTC Support site.
You can disable automatic reporting of performance data using a configuration option within the Platform Subsystem. For more information, see Platform Subsystem.
Added New MetricServices APIs
ConnectionPoolSaturationMetrics— Returns Pool Saturation in percent(%)
GetPersistenceProviderMetrics— Returns performance related metrics of c3p0
GetLatencyMetrics– Returns time taken in ms
The following fixed and known issues are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.2.9.
Fixed Issues
Fixed potential security issues, including items proactively identified by the vulnerability scanning software or PTC Quality Assurance testing. Upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of these important improvements.
PTC has recently implemented a new support policy with respect to Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. See the appropriate eSupport center section for more information.
See this technical support article for important recommendations regarding the use and update of third-party software for ThingWorx.
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue with Upgrade from 9.1.2 to 9.2.8 with MSSQL succeeded but user permissions were missing.
If a developer creates a Thing Shape or Thing Template with a service that can be overridden and the developer then creates a Thing or Thing Template which inherits from that Template or Shape the developer can override the service. This is expected behavior.
If the developer then changes the service on the base Template or Shape so that it cannot be overridden, the override created on the inheriting Thing or Template will remain in force. That is the service created on the Thing or Template will continue to override the base service. The developer will no longer be able to edit the service on the inheriting entity nor would they be able to further override the service on another Thing that implements the Template. It is quite possible in this scenario to have two Things, each inheriting from the base Shape or Template and on implements a service override while the other does not.
Toggling the Allow Override flag back to TRUE on the base Shape or Template will allow the developer to again add, delete, or modify the overridden service on the implementing Thing or Template.
Fixed an issue with Data Properties panel is not displaying information for services added to a second instance of a Entity.
Fixed an issue with update failing for data_table reords with error "expr: non-integer argument" when upgrading Linux ThingWorx 8.5.x to ThingWorx 9.2.x.
Fixed an issue with cells in a collection widget could not be clicked via touch on iPad in ThingWorx.
Mashup Builder
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue with header not changing when scrolling on Label Widget added on a Header Mashup of a Collection Widget.
Fixed an issue with JSON inputs not processed by services in runtime.
Fixed an issue with gadget shown at the end of the dashboard.
Known Issues and Limitations
The following items are known issues and are scheduled to be fixed in a future release.
Tracking Number
An issue causes upgrades and new installations of ThingWorx to fail when using the installer without access to the PTC metrics server (for example, when an internet connection is not available or when the metrics server is not configured). When performing a manual upgrade or new installation, this issue prevents ThingWorx from starting.
For more information about this issue and the available workaround, refer to the following PTC technical support article:
This issue will be fixed in a future release.
The label for the performance reporting configuration option within the Platform Subsystem is named Metrics Reporting Enabled instead of Performance Metrics Enabled. This issue will be fixed in a future release. For more information, see Platform Subsystem.
After upgrade ThingWorx Platform with PostgreSQL fails to start with error "duplicate key value violates unique constraint."
This is a known issue when migrating from Thingworx 8.5 to 9.2 versions only. This issue does not impact upgrades to Thingworx 9.3 or later. When planning upgrades from Thingworx 8.5, customers should plan to migrate to the latest maintenance release of the latest supported release.
For additional information see CS308548.
When editing a cell in the Grid Advanced widget, entering the value '0' is not retained and cell is empty after edit.
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