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Enhancements and Fixed Issues in ThingWorx Platform 9.0.15
The following enhancements are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.0.15.
SSO- Azure Active Directory will not overwrite unprovisioned properties and attributes.
The following fixed and known issues are part of ThingWorx Platform 9.0.15.
Fixed Issues
Fixed potential security issues, including items proactively identified by the vulnerability scanning software or PTC Quality Assurance testing. Upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of these important improvements.
PTC has recently implemented a new support policy with respect to Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. See the appropriate eSupport center section for more information.
See this technical support article for important recommendations regarding the use and update of third-party software for ThingWorx.
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue with SSO- Azure Active Directory that was deleting the User Extensions new_extension property.
Fixed an issue with the Units part that showed a garbled code when it contained a character "/".
Fixed an issue where the tooltip would flicker, preventing the selection of data.
Fixed an issue with Timer and Scheduler for SecurityContext.
Fixed an issue where importing an entity failed while using Custom Actions.
Fixed an issue where the uploaded file size was unavailable for eMessages uploads.
Fixed an issue where assets were not created when multiple API calls were calling the Thingworx OOTB service
Fixed an issue with SSO where SSO-logged users were not persisted.
Mashup Builder
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue which caused the bindings of a migrated Navigation function to be removed when its parent Panel widget is deleted.
Fixed an issue which caused the UpdateDataTableEntries service to fail when special characters were used in a data shape.
Known Issues and Limitations
The following items are known issues and are scheduled to be fixed in a future release.
Tracking Number
When opening a mashup on iOS or MacOS, the Mashup Loaded service is run twice. This issue is not seen on Windows.
The following Thingworx Update Scripts for Azure database for PostgreSQL are missing "managedinstancename" fields in several places, causing them to fail:
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