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Fixed Issues in ThingWorx Platform 9.0.1
The following bug fixes are part of ThingWorx 9.0.1.
Bug Fixes
Fixed potential security issues, including items proactively identified by vulnerability scanning software or PTC Quality Assurance testing. Please upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of these important improvements.
See this technical support article for important recommendations regarding the use and update of third-party software for ThingWorx.
PTC has recently implemented a new support policy with respect to Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. Please see the appropriate eSupport center section for more information.
ThingWorx now supports PingFederate 9.3.3 Patch 5 and later within the 9.3.x minor version, in accordance with the PTC IAM Support Policy.
Tracking Number
Made the authnContextAsPassword parameter for SSO configurable in the sso-settings.json file.
Fixed an issue with the installer that was preventing the updated extensions from being imported after upgrade.
Added the GetOwner service that allows an administrator user to get an entity's owner. Refer to Ownership for more information.
In the platform-settings.json file, UserEditLockMaxWaitTime was added under BasicSettings. This setting is the maximum time in milliseconds that the system will wait to make an Active Directory, SSO, or SCIM edit to user or user group entities. For more information, see platform-settings.json Configuration Details.
For ThingWorx High Availability Clustering, optional environment variables HTTP_ADDRESS and HTTPS_ADDRESS that impact service discovery were added. For more information, see Configuring ThingWorx Foundation for Clustering. Optional platform settings IgnoreInactiveInterfaces, IgnoreVirtualInterfaces, and HostAddressFilter were also added. For more information, see Platform Settings for ThingWorx HA.
Mashup Builder
Tracking Number
Fixed an issue that was preventing the validation expression and validation message functionality from working in the Grid Advanced widget.
Fixed an issue with the Text Input widget that was preventing the Text property from accepting localization tokens.
Fixed an issue with the navigation function that was causing it to cause an error if the target mashup had input parameters.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the SetProperties service from displaying in the add service menu in Mashup Builder.
Fixed an issue with the Numeric Entry widget that was preventing an undefined value from being returned from an infotable.
Fixed an issue with web components that was preventing the background color space between tabs from being set.
Fixed an issue that was causing a scroll bar to get automatically added when the title bar was enabled in responsive mashup properties.
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