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When to Store Data Outside the Platform
There are many factors to consider when deciding if you should store data inside or outside of the ThingWorx Platform. Certain platform use cases may be best served by moving your data out of ThingWorx storage and into other data solutions. In cases where external storage is utilized, ThingWorx models, services, visualization, analytics etc. can still be powerful tools to harness this data sourced from outside of the platform in your ThingWorx application. Please consult with PTC Support and Services for these types of use cases to determine the best architecture for your application:
Querying streams or value streams over long periods of time (e.g. years)
Querying results with many rows (e.g. millions)
Database level custom logic, calculations (e.g. stored procedures, triggers)
Use of ThingWorx as a data lake
Integration with third party analytics and reporting tools
Additional indices and database infrastructure
Connecting to Non-Supported External Databases
ThingWorx can connect to any database that exposes a JDBC API for your application. Extensions have been developed to support many of these connections, including Oracle, MySQL, and IBM DB2). Extensions and additional information are available in the PTC downloads.
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