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Platform Sizing Examples
This section lists two examples of the sizing process based on different use cases.
The first example centers around a large number of Things, each with a low frequency of property writes to the platform.
The second example shows the opposite: a small number of Things, each with properties that write very frequently to the platform.
These examples are provided to demonstrate the sizing approach outlined in this document. Specifics around the business logic complexity and data retention requirements are not considered in these examples.
This use case-specific information would need to be included to create a viable, real-world sizing estimate.
To verify that these calculations work in practice, actual results from a simulation deployment will also be compared to the expected results calculated following this document.
Application design and other factors also influence the performance of an application in practice. If an application is not performing as well as expected based on the calculations provided here, contact PTC Support to seek guidance regarding the application design and deployment.
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