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Configuring a Location for a Custom File Repository
In ThingWorx, the default location for the file repository directory is relative to ThingworxStorage location. By default, the repository is located in the ThingworxStorage folder in the following location:
Windows environment:
<drive>:\\ThingworxStorage\repository where <drive> is the drive Tomcat is installed on
Linux environment:/ThingworxStorage/repository
The information that you store using the FileRepository thing can be configured to be stored in any defined location. This can be helpful in a High Availability (HA) environment. ThingWorx is backward compatible, so that if a FileRepositoryRoot (shown below) is not specified in the platform-settings.json file, the default repository location will default relative to the Thingworxstorage path.
ThingWorx will not auto-mount network folders. They must be pre-mounted on the OS and local path should be used in the specified configuration (see below).
Read/write permissions must be granted for the specified FileRepositoryRoot folder and external folder.
Configuring the Location
Some steps may not be necessary, as they depend on your existing environment.
1. Create a folder called ThingworxPlatform at the root of your ThingWorx installation.
2. Place the platform-settings.json file in the ThingworxPlatform folder.
3. Specify the path to your desired location below PlatformSettingsConfig. For example, "FileRepositoryRoot":"/Volumes/ShareFolder"
ThingWorx will create a folder under the configured path that will be the new location for all FileRepository things.
If the location defined in the FileRepositoryRoot is not available, ThingWorx will abort at startup.
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