Deleting Extensions
Deleting an Installed Extension Package
The following procedure is for deleting extension packages, but be aware that extension dependencies may prevent it from being deleted. If applicable, an error message will appear to check the Application logs for additional information on what dependencies must be deleted first.
1. From Composer, click Manage > Installed Extensions.
A list of installed extension packages and package details are displayed on the dashboard.
2. Select the extension that you want to delete, and then click .
3. On the delete confirmation window, click Yes.
The selected extension is deleted.
4. Browse to the appropriate sub-directory of the Apache Tomcat installation directory, and then stop the Tomcat service by running the following command:
5. Restart the Tomcat service by running the following command:
6. Verify that the service is started correctly by looking at the final server startup messages. You can then import a new version of the extension.
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