Using the Line Chart in Runtime
The line chart is responsive in run time. The legend can be used to view the data in different ways. The example line chart below contains three data series. Note the following run time behaviors:
To turn a data series on or off, click the series name in the legend
To view a single data series, double-click it in the legend
The line chart above has the three data series displayed. The max Y value is 100, which is the highest overall value found from the three series.
In the chart above, Precipitation is clicked in the legend, so Dew Point and Humidity are displayed. The highest value displayed on the Y-axis is 99. The fill color of the line matches the series color.
Double-clicking Dew Point in the chart above displays only Dew Point. Its Y axis max value is 99, although the line does not reach that high, due to smoothing interpolation being used.
In the chart above, linear interpolation is displayed. The highest Y Axis value is 97.
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