Configure the platform-settings.json File
Update the platform-settings.json file in the ThingworxPlatform directory. For more information about the platform-settings.json file and the ThingworxPlatform directory, see platform-settings.json.
If your environment requires a different path, set the value of the THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS environment variable to save the platform-settings.json file to a different location.
The following is a snippet of the SSO-related settings in the platform-settings.json file:
"PlatformSettingsConfig": {
"BasicSettings": {

"EnableSSO": true,
"HTTPRequestHeaderMaxLength": 25000,
"HTTPRequestParameterMaxLength": 15000,

The following table provides information about the parameters that must be set for SSO configuration:
Default Value
Recommended Value for SSO
Set to true to enable SSO for ThingWorx. When SSO is enabled, all authentication is redirected to the CAS that is configured in the sso-settings.json file. Edge websocket authentication is not affected.
When SSO authentication is enabled, all other authentication methods are disabled. Enabling and disabling SSO authentication can only be accomplished by editing the value of this parameter. You cannot change the authentication methods through ThingWorx Composer or REST APIs.
Specifies the length of request headers being sent to ThingWorx by truncating strings within an HTTP request header beyond the specified value.
Keeping the allowed length to a minimum provides greater security. Some SSO headers have longer lengths, so this setting needs to be greater than the minimum value. Edit this value based on your deployment, user information strings, security certificates, and security requirements.
The minimum value is 200.
Set this value based on your deployment configuration, user information, security certificate, and other request parameter information. Evaluate the specified recommended value to determine if it is appropriate for your deployment.
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