Windchill Patch for WindchillSwaggerConnector
To connect to Windchill using the WindchillSwaggerConnector Thing Template, you must install a Windchill patch available in the Windchill Extension product. You do not need to download or install the Windchill Extension product, just the Windchill patch for your version of Windchill. WindchillSwaggerConnector is supported for the Windchill releases that are available for the Windchill Extension.
To install the Windchill patch required for WindchillSwaggerConnector, follow the steps from either section below.
For information on the REST API that WindchillSwaggerConnector uses, see Using WindchillSwaggerConnector.
PTC Software Download Page
1. Go to the PTC Smart Connected Applications product on the PTC Software Download page here:
2. Download the extension using either the HTTPS or Download Manager option.
3. Install the patch for your version of Windchill. The version number is listed at the beginning of the file name. Follow the instructions in the patch Readme file.
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