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Designing the User Experience for Your ThingWorx Solution
ThingWorx solutions are visualized as Web pages. When you design the user interface of your solution, think about the following questions:
Should you use a static or a responsive layout?
Can the mashups be reused for a mobile device?
Can you build the solution with existing ThingWorx widgets or do you need to use custom widgets?
What is the minimum physical screen size for which the solution must be designed? Should it be for a 5-inch mobile screen or a 10.4-inch tablet?
A consistent user interface is an important aspect of a good solution design. Examples of good design practices include:
If one list can be double-clicked for more information, then the other lists should have the same functionality.
Ensure that the common buttons are available in the same place on every page.
Use similar wording for text and labels.
Use the same color scheme throughout the solution.
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