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Install Windchill Patches
The ThingWorx Navigate Product Compatibility Matrix provides detailed information about the supported Windchill versions and patches. Ensure that you are on the minimum supported CPS version for the supported Windchill releases.
For Windchill Versions Prior to 11.1 M020 CPS 15
For Windchill versions prior to 11.1 M020 CPS 15, an enablement patch must also be loaded onto the Windchill server to enable the PTC Windchill Extension for ThingWorx Foundation. The patch must correspond with the Windchill release you have installed.
You can skip this section if you already installed the Windchill patches.
Make sure you reapply the patch after every update of Windchill CPS.
The required PTC Windchill patch adds several web service endpoints that allow ThingWorx to interact with Windchill.
The Windchill patches are found in the following location: $<installdir>\NavigateApp\WindchillPatch.
Alternatively, you can download the Windchill patches from the following location:
1. From the PTC Software Download page, select PTC SMART CONNECTED APPLICATIONS.
2. Expand Release APPs, ThingWorx Navigate 9.0, and then expand Most Recent Datecode.
3. Select Thingworx-Navigate-Supplemental-Files-<version>-bundle.
4. Next to Download now, select your download method. The file is downloaded and you’re ready to continue.
The name of the ZIP file identifies the release in which it should be installed. For example, on a 11.1 M020 system, install the patch in 11.1-M020_WCTWXExtension_<version>.zip. Each patch includes instructions specific to the release. To install the patch, unzip the file and use the instructions found in the Readme file included with the patch.