ThingWorx Connection Services Extension (CSE) Reference
ThingWorx Connection Services Extension (CSE) Reference
The ThingWorx Connection Services Extension (CSE) is used to manage event notifications between Connectors and the ThingWorx Platform. You must install it before launching the Azure IoT Hub Connector because the Connector checks for the existence of the ConnectionServicesHub Thing. Make sure that you have imported the CSE before starting the Connector.
The CSE contains the supporting framework of objects that are required to enable event notification messaging for ThingWorx Connectors, such as:
CSE Thing Templates — Define the base functionality of the Connection Services Hub and the Connector when used in ThingWorx Platform single-server mode or in ThingWorx High Availability (HA) Clustering..
CSE Thing Shapess — Define services and properties for the Thing Templates and Things.
Data Shapes — Data structures that define the structure of the events. .
ConnectionServicesHub Thing — The default ConnectionServicesHub Thing added when you import the extension into a ThingWorx Platform.
Importing the CSE adds a default ConnectionServicesHub Thing from the ConnectionServicesHub Thing Template. The ConnectionServicesHub Thing is mutable, which means that you can alter it (not recommended). The ConnectionServicesHub Thing Template is immutable; you cannot change or delete it.
The CSE is used to define the set of events that allow the Connection Services Hub to send events to the ThingWorx Platform. Once your Connector is running, the Connection Services Hub is available to notify you if any warnings/errors occur on the Connector and to notify ThingWorx Platform of a configuration or state change.