Where are System Requirements?
Where are System Requirements?
The release notes for each version of the ThingWorx Azure IoT Hub Connector provide version information for each component in the distribution bundle. The release notes also specify additional software that is required. For the ThingWorx Microsoft Azure Industrial IoT (IIoT) OPC UA integration, there is a table of prerequisites in the topic, Step 1. Required Resources, that specifies all of the system requirements for the integration.
PTC now provides a central source for this information in the new PTC Release Advisor, which stores system requirements and release matrices for all PTC products. The matrices provide information about the compatible operating systems, web browsers, third-party software, and other PTC products. Follow this link to view the Azure IoT Hub Connector release matrix: https://release-advisor.ptc.com/releaseMatrix?releaseId=262.
Once customers have had time to interact with Release Advisor and provide feedback, the PTC help centers will refer readers to that utility for system requirements and support matrices for all PTC products.
To view a release matrix for another ThingWorx product in Release Advisor:
1. Log into the PTC Support site and follow this link: Release Advisor.
2. In the Product Family field on the Primary Product page, select ThingWorx.
3. Select the Product and Version that you want to view. and click Add.
4. Click Next to refresh the page. The page provides a link to the release matrix for the selected product in the Release Matrix field under Primary Product
For additional information on using Release Advisor, see the Technical Support Article, "How to plan an upgrade using PTC Release Advisor", in the PTC Knowledge Base.