AzureServices Thing
The AzureServices Thing provides a service that you need to run to grant the Azure IoT Hub Connector the visibility and permissions that it requires when communicating with a ThingWorx Platform. The services is called GrantAzureConnectorPermissions .
The following table lists and briefly describes this service and its parameters.
Grants the entity instance visibility and runtime instance permissions to a Thing Template for the spec ified organization and user group in ThingWorx. You can use this service to grant the required visibility and permissions to a Connector for imported Things.
This required parameter specifies the name of the user group in ThingWorx to which runtime instance permissions will be assigned. The BaseType is GROUPNAME.
This required parameter specifies the name of the organization in ThingWorx to which entity instance visibilities will be granted. The BaseType is STRING.
For the entities and the visibility and permissions granted by this service, refer to Step 9. Run the Service to Grant Permissions and Visibility to the Connector.