Running the Smoke Test > Smoke Test Step 4. Create a Test Thing
Smoke Test Step 4. Create a Test Thing
The fourth test creates a Test AzureIotThing on the ThingWorx Platform. This Thing is used for the remaining validation tests.
The steps for this test are as follows:
1. Validate creating a Thing on the ThingWorx Platform, setting the thingName property to AzureSmokeTestThing_<UUID>.
2. Validate enabling the Thing.
3. Validate restarting the Thing.
4. Validate that Thing exists by issuing a service call to the ThingWorx Platform.
If this test throws an exception, the exception is logged with a stack trace of the exception. For information on exceptions, refer to Troubleshooting the Smoke Test.
If the test succeeds, the next test in the series, Smoke Test Step 5. Send Updated Property Values to ThingWorx, runs.