AzureIotThing Thing Template
The AzureIotThing Thing Template defines properties and services for an Azure IoT Edge device or an Azure IoT Device. This Thing Template extends the RemoteThingWithFileTransfer Thing Template.
Use the AzureIotThing Thing Template to create Things for devices that connect to an Azure IoT Hub. This Thing Template extends the base RemoteThing Thing Template. In addition, it implements the RoutedEgress Thing Shape. If the Hub is connected and this Thing is not yet created in Azure IoT, the Connector attempts to create the Thing in Azure IoT through the ConnectionServicesHub Thing.
To view this template:
1. Log in to ThingWorx Composer.
2. If you chose to open the session with previous pages visible, navigate to Home.
3. In the left navigation pane, select Thing Templates to display the list of Thing Templates available in ThingWorx Composer. As long as you have imported the Azure IoT Extension, the AzureIotThing template appears in this list.
4. Select the template to view its General page.
5. Select Properties to display the properties associated with this template. Here is an example of the properties of the AzureIotThing Thing Template:
The device twin properties are twinDesired, twinReported, and twinTags. For more information about the device twin support and these properties, refer to Azure IoT Hub — Device Twin.
For information about creating Azure IoT entities in ThingWorx, refer to Step 5. Create Azure IoT Entities in ThingWorx Composer