Axeda.Restartable Thing Shape
Axeda.Restartable is a Thing Shape that is available through each of the Thing Templates for Axeda eMessage agents (listed under ACE Thing Templates). This Thing Shape does not have any properties. It contains the remote service called RestartAgent . This service is asynchronous and is queued in the ThingWorx Message Subsystem to be delivered when the Axeda eMessage agent next contacts the Connector. To restart a Thing that is running an Axeda eMessage agent, you can use ThingWorx Composer. Navigate to the Thing, select Services, and then select the RestartAgent service.
This service is available to all Things that are derived from the Axeda Thing Templates that provide the Axeda.Restartable Thing Shape. For example, as part of its chain of Thing Templates, the AxedaEMessageGatewayModel Thing Template includes the Axeda.Restartable Thing Shape, so any Thing implementing that Thing Template contains the RestartAgent service.
For more information on using this service, refer to Restarting the Agent.
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