Axeda.EmessageGateway Thing Shape
The Axeda.EmessageGateway Thing Shape defines a set of properties and services that are used in the following Thing Template:
Axeda.EmessageGateway includes the following properties:
Property Name
Base Type
The set of assets that are managed by the gateway. Fields are defined by the Axeda.ManagedDeviceSummary Data Shape.
Axeda.EmessageGateway includes the GetManagedDevices service, which finds the devices managed by the gateway device. The service takes the following parameters:
Parameter (Input/Output)
Name (output)
Service output name. Defaults to ‘result’.
Description (output)
Describes the service output.
Base Type (output)
The data returned from the service. Set to INFOTABLE.
Data Shape (output)
The name of the Data Shape that defines the fields in the infoTable.
InfoTable Type (output)
Indicates the type of infoTable. Set to Just Infotable.
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