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What’s New in ThingWorx Axeda Compatibility Package 2.3.0
The following information describes the updates in ThingWorx Axeda Compatibility Package 2.3.0.
Product Compatibility
To learn about the compatibility of ThingWorx Axeda Compatibility Package 2.3.0 with other ThingWorx products, such as ThingWorx Platform and ThingWorx SCM, see the Release Advisor. To learn more about the Release Advisor, see the Technical Support article— "How to plan an upgrade using PTC Release Advisor".
Component Versions
The following components are included in ThingWorx Axeda Compatibility Package 2.3.0:
ThingWorx eMessage Connector 2.3.0
ThingWorx Connection Services Extension 2.3.0
ThingWorx Axeda Compatibility Extension 5.0.1
ThingWorx Remote Access Extension 3.1.7
For remote access, you need to download a Remote Access Client (RAC), which is not included in the Axeda Compatibility Package. The latest version of the RAC is backwards compatible with previous releases of the Remote Access Extension (RAE). If you have been using the most recent version of Axeda Desktop Viewer, you can continue to use that client via the RAC. If you use an SSH client, you can also use that client through the RAC. For more information, see ThingWorx Remote Access Client.
Security Fixes
Potential security issues, including items identified by vulnerability scanning software and PTC Quality Assurance testing, have been fixed. To take advantage of these important improvements, upgrade as soon as possible. For more information, see this PTC technical support article for important recommendations regarding the use and update of third-party software for ThingWorx.
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
To support TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 of the default TLS-enabled protocols, the ThingWorx eMessage Connector has been updated to use Vert.x 4.
Operating System
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
To have a more flexible and stable foundation to support hybrid cloud innovation and a faster, more consistent experience for deploying applications, the eMessage Connector can start and connect to ThingWorx platform when eMessage is running on a RHEL 9 server.
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