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Platform Analytics 9.0 Release Notes
The following sections describe the new functionality, enhancements, bug fixes, and known issues in Platform Analytics 9.0.
New Functionality
Alignment with ThingWorx High Availability Architecture
ThingWorx Analytics has been updated for compatibility with deployment of ThingWorx Platform in the active-active high availability architecture. Designed to scale easily from one to many ThingWorx servers, the high availability architecture can handle large amounts of IIoT data. For more information on the ThingWorx high availability architecture, see ThingWorx High Availability in the ThingWorx Platform Help Center.
Enhancement Description
Reference #
Platform Analytics installation: Change the default Windows installation directory
For improved consistency and clarity, the default directory for a Windows installation has been changed from Program Files (x86) to Program Files.
ThingWorx Analytics: security improvements
In this release, security was improved by closing several vulnerabilities.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
Reference #
Platform Analytics Upgrade: RabbitMQ and Flink are reinstalled unnecessarily
Whenever Platform Analytics is upgraded, RabbitMQ and Flink are uninstalled and reinstalled regardless of version. This issue has been resolved by only reinstalling RabbitMQ and Flink if the supported versions have changed.
Property Transforms: Flink jobs are not recreated when the service restarts
In a Windows environment, when the Flink service is restarted after the Property Transform service, existing Flink jobs are not recreated. This issue has been resolved so that Flink jobs are recreated as expected.
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
Property Transforms: RabbitMQ fails to start on a Windows server using a non-English locale
On a Windows server using a non-English locale, sometimes services like RabbitMQ, Flink, and Property Transforms fail to start after installation. The issue will be resolved in a future release by ensuring that the Platform Analytics installer registers the language-specific Network Service user name. Until then, a work around is available in article CS317399.
Platform Analytics Installation: Unsuccessful with specific RedHat/Erlang combination
Platform Analytics 9.0 cannot be installed successfully using Erlang/OTP 21.3 on RedHat Linux distribution 8.0. As a work around, use a different version of Erlang instead.