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Migrate Anomaly Alerts and Models from Earlier Releases
If you have used Anomaly Detection in an 8.3 or earlier ThingWorx release, and you want to continue using your existing anomaly alerts in a newer release, a manual process is available to migrate the existing alerts and their attached anomaly models (PMML models). This manual process is no longer necessary if you are migrating from an 8.4 or later release.
When you migrate your 8.3 or earlier ThingWorx server, your Things and their properties are automatically migrated. However, anomaly alerts created on those properties, and the attached anomaly models, are not automatically migrated. The manual steps listed below are necessary to migrate the anomaly alerts and models.
Keep in mind, you must perform some of the steps in the migration process before you upgrade your ThingWorx and ThingWorx Analytics servers.
If you want to migrate multiple anomaly models, the migration process is required for each model. However, you can perform each set of steps in the subsections below for all anomaly models before proceeding to the next subsection.
For detailed instructions about model migration, see the following topics:
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