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Opening a requirement table (SysML)
1. By default, a model is set up so that Modeler generates a Requirement Table as HTML for viewing in your internet browser. If you want to set up a model so that Modeler generates tables and matrices as an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for viewing in Excel:
a. In the Packages pane, right-click the Model, point to Tools > Options, and then click Matrix/Table Generation Format
b. In the dialog, form the Matrix/Table Generation Format list, select Excel_XLS, and then click OK.
2. In an appropriate pane, locate the Requirement Table you want to open.
In the Requirements pane, all Requirement Table are listed in the RequirementTable folder.
3. Right-click the Requirement Table you want to open, and then click Open. Alternatively, double-click the Requirement Table you want to open.
Modeler opens the Requirements Table in your internet browser or Microsoft Excel.
To change the default column widths, right-click the Requirement Table, point to Set, and then click Column Definitions. In the dialog, enter the desired column width for each property in the Width (%) fields. Note that the column widths specified only apply to the Matrix/Table Generation Format that is currently active. You can set column widths independently for both HTML and Excel format options.