What’s new in Integrity Modeler 9.1
What’s new in Integrity Modeler 9.1
OSLC Integration with Integrity Lifecycle Manager
Integrity Modeler 9.1 provides an OSLC-based integration with Integrity Lifecycle Manager. These new capabilities enable you to define product traceability between Integrity Modeler items and Integrity Lifecycle Manager requirements and ensures you are aware of design changes throughout the development lifecycle. OSLC links and surrogates can be created within Integrity Modeler models, with a simple user experience consistent with existing OSLC-based integrations. For more information see, OSLC integration with Integrity Lifecycle Manager.
Editable Matrix
Traceability matrices in Integrity Modeler 9.1 are now editable, providing frequent and infrequent users with a powerful, easy-to-use tool for understanding and managing relationships between model items. You can easily view, remove or add model relationships from directly within the matrix, all using a modern user interface with a streamlined, efficient user experience. For more information see, Editing Matrices.
Context menu rationalization
Right-click context menus are now consistent for items displayed in browsers and for diagram symbols, as well as across different item types. Consistent placement and ordering of menu items make it easier to locate common functions, increasing your productivity.
All context menus now have more logical groupings for easier access to tools and link related functions.
Context menus for diagrams have also been enhanced to ensure you can create all item types valid for that diagram.
Web Interface will now automatically re-render diagrams that are out of date when the user clicks on the diagram, ensuring up-to date information is always displayed.
Integrity Modeler 9.1 delivers improved identification of Integrity Modeler items when using the OSLC Browser.
Database Support
Integrity Modeler 9.1 offers additional deployment options with database support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017.