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Starting Modeler
You can start Modeler in the following ways.
From the Windows Desktop:
On the Windows Desktop, double-click the PTC Integrity Modeler icon.
From the Windows Start menu:
On the Windows Start menu, click All Programs, click PTC Integrity Modeler, and then click Modeler.
From Windows Explorer, a supported web browser or the Windows Run dialog:
Type the following text in the address bar or dialog, and then press the Enter key:
ptcintegritymodeler:<model reference>[?<item id>]
<model reference> is the reference of the model, as shown on the Model's property pages in Modeler.
<item id> is the id of an item or diagram in the model. When the id of an item or diagram is included, Modeler selects the item or diagram in the Packages pane. You can use TellMe to find out the id of an item or diagram.
For example:
ptcintegritymodeler:\\SQL\SE1\Examples\Traffic Lights\0
ptcintegritymodeler:\\SQL\SE1\Examples\Traffic Lights\0?4344214f-fbf2-11d2-a53d-00104bb05af8
Note that Chrome is not supported, and a % character in the model name can prevent that Model from being opened.