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Refining a virtual operation
If a class (Class A) is a specialization of another class (Class B), then Class A can have its own Attributes and Operations, but it also inherits the Attributes and Operations from Class B. If Class B has a virtual Operation (that is, has Run time binding), then you can refine the Operation so that it is copied onto Class A and is an Operation of Class A, as opposed to an inherited Operation.
To refine a virtual operation:
1. Open the Class View Browser and set it to display Operations.
2. Ensure that the Class Rolldown button is depressed.
3. In the left pane, select the sub Class, Data Type or Interface, to which you want to refine the Operation.
4. In the top right pane, right-click the Operation you want to refine, and then click Refine.
The Operation is refined to the sub Class, Data Type or Interface.