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Published (property)
For automation interface information about the Published property (Released through the automation interface), see the automation interface topic for a Tag Definition in the Related Links.
This property specifies that the Tag Definition is published.
A Tag Definition can be used only after it is published, that is, a Tag Definition that is not published will not appear on the Property Pages of items to which the Tag Definition has been applied.
After publishing a Tag Definition, its Data Type is made read only so that property values (tagged values) cannot be invalidated by changes to the Tag Definition's Data Type. You cannot unpublish a published Tag Definition.
You require Repository Administrator, Repository Owner or Repository Write access permissions to publish a Tag Definition.
If a Tag Definition is not linked to any Stereotypes that have model item types defined, you can publish that Tag Definition without database write access permissions; however, having published the Tag Definition, you require database write access permissions to make the Tag Definition useable, that is:
Link the Tag Definition to a Stereotype that has model item types defined.
Define model item types for any linked Stereotypes.
By default, Tag Definitions are not published.
This property is set on the Usage tab of a Tag Definition's Property Pages.
The following section provides information about the items and diagrams for which Published is a property. For more information about an item or diagram, click it.
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