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Menu text (property)
For automation interface information about the Menu Text property, see the automation interface topic for a Script in the Related Topics. For a Stereotype, this property is stored in a Script object that is associated with the Stereotype object through the Owned Menu Script association.
This property specifies the text of a command that is added to a context menu through a Stereotype or Script:
To create a submenu, include a backslash. For example, My Submenu\My Command.
To create a shortcut letter for the command, prefix the letter with an ampersand. For example, &My Command
To use an ampersand in the command name, prefix the ampersand with an ampersand. For example, Delete && Propagate
By default, the Menu Text property is blank.
This property is set on the following tabs:
Settings tab of a Script's Property Pages. This property is shown only when the Script Type is MenuCommand.
Menu tab of a Stereotype's Property Pages - this property is set in the Context Menu Text column.
To write scripts you require a good working knowledge of the VBScript language, the Modeler Meta Model and the Modeler Automation Interface. If you run a script that has errors, those errors can corrupt Modeler model data and make Modeler crash.
The following section provides information about the items and diagrams for which Menu Text is a property. For more information about an item or diagram, click it.
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