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Enumeration literal order (property)
For automation interface purposes, the Enumeration Literal Order property is not an attribute of the owning item. The Enumeration Literal Order property determines the order in which the Enumeration Literals are stored, and therefore the order they are returned through the automation interface. You cannot change the Enumeration Literal Order through the automation interface.
This property specifies the order in which the Enumeration Literals of a Type Definition are ordered. The Enumeration Literal Order determines in which order the Enumeration Literals are listed on the Enumerations tab of the owning Type Definition's Property Pages.
By default, a new Enumeration Literal appears last in the Enumeration Literal Order.
This property can be set on the Enumerations tab of a Type Definition's Property Pages. To change the Enumeration Literal Order, select an Enumeration Literal in the list, and then click the required order button to change the Enumeration Literal's position. There are four order buttons:
You can also set the Enumeration Literal Order through the Packages and Relationships panes: Right-click the Enumeration Literal you want to move, and then click Move Up (Alt+Shift+Up) or Move Down (Alt+Shift+Up).
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