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Derivation script (property of tag definition)
For automation interface information about the Derivation Script property (Script, Script Text or Text through automation interface), see the automation interface topic for a Script in the Related Topics. When you select the Derived check box, Modeler creates a Script object for the Stereotype through the On Get Script association. The Script Type of the Script object is set to OnGet. The Script object is used to record the Derivation Script that is displayed on the Derivation Script tab of the Tag Definition's Property Pages. Note that Tag Definition owned Scripts are not shown in Modeler.
This property specifies the script for deriving the tagged value of a Tag Definition when that Tag Definition is applied to an item or diagram.
A Derivation Script must not make any changes to a Model.
For more information about working with Visual Basic derivation scripts for a Tag Definition, see Script functions, attributes and objects - derivation scripts for tag definitions.
For a Tag Definition whose type is Reference, the script can return any items and diagrams in the model. The items and diagrams do not have to be set up as valid model item types for the Tag Definition.
For a Tag Definition whose type is Boolean, Enumeration or Text, the script can return any plain text. The text is not validated against possible Boolean or Enumeration values.
By default, the Derivation Script property is blank.
You use the Code Editor to edit Derivation Script code. The Code Editor language is always Visual Basic when editing Derivation Script code, irrespective of the Language that is set for parent Packages and the Model. For information about the Code Editor, including setting the code language to use, see Overview of the Code Editor.
This property is set on the Derivation Script tab of a Tag Definition's Property Pages. You can click the Editor button and change the code in the Code Editor window. In addition, you can add model object references to the Derivation Script code.
This property is available only when the Derived check box is selected on the Type tab of a Tag Definition's Property Pages.
To write scripts you require a good working knowledge of the VBScript language, the Modeler Meta Model and the Modeler Automation Interface. If you run a script that has errors, those errors can corrupt Modeler model data and make Modeler crash.
The following section provides information about the items and diagrams for which Derivation Script is a property. For more information about an item or diagram, click it.
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