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Command (property)
For automation interface information about the Category property (Script Index through the automation interface), see Script (automation interface).
The Category and Command properties allow you to group and order buttons and commands that are created through Script items.
For each diagram button and menu command created through a Script item that you want to group together, set the Category property to the same value in each case. Within that grouping, determine the order of the buttons or commands through the Command values – lowest value first, highest value last.
By default, the Command box is blank.
This property is set on the Order tab of a Script's Property Pages.
This property applies only when the Script type is MenuCommand or ToolbarCommand.
To write scripts you require a good working knowledge of the VBScript language, the Modeler Meta Model and the Modeler Automation Interface. If you run a script that has errors, those errors can corrupt Modeler model data and make Modeler crash.
The following section provides information about the items and diagrams for which Command is a property. For more information about an item or diagram, click it.
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