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Actual template parameter (dictionary item)
For automation interface information about an Actual Template Parameter, see Actual template parameter (automation interface).
The Modeler code generators to not generate code for Actual Template Parameters.
An Actual Template Parameter specifies an actual parameter for a bind Dependency. An Actual Template Parameter can reference an item in the Model or specify a text string.
Modeler creates and deletes Actual Template Parameters as necessary to keep them in step with associated Formal Template Parameters. For example:
If you add a bind Dependency to a template Package, Modeler creates an Actual Template Parameter for each of the template Package's Formal Template Parameters.
If a bind Dependency is linked to a template Package and you create a Formal Template Parameter for the template Package, Modeler creates an Actual Template Parameter for the Dependency.
If you delete a Formal Template Parameter from a template Package, Modeler deletes any associated Actual Template Parameters from the template Package's bind Dependencies.
On a Class Diagram, the Actual value of an Actual of an Actual Template Parameters is shown on the owning Dependency. If an Actual is not specified for an Actual Template Parameter, the Default value of the associated Formal Template Parameter is displayed on the owning Dependency. If Actual and Default values are not defined, no value is shown.
Through the view options of the Dependency you can show and hide the Actual Template Parameters. For more information, see Bind view options - class and composite structure diagrams.
In the Explorer and Output panes, a short-cut symbol on the Actual Template Parameter's icon indicates that the item is a stub. For more information, see Stubs.
Note Actual Template Parameters are not shown in the Dictionary or Packages tab.
The following sections provide information about how an Actual Template Parameter is used in the model. For more information about a property, item, model part or diagram, click it.
In addition to the standard properties, an Actual Template Parameter has these properties:
Parameter Type
Actual (Value attribute or Actual Value association through the automation interface)
Owned by
Dependency - The Dependency is owned jointly by the Actual Template Parameter and the other associated item.
Defined in these parts of the model
Class Model
Shown on these diagrams
Class Diagram
Variant Diagram
Can be linked to these dictionary items
In addition to the owning Package or Model, an Actual Template Parameter can be linked to the following items.
Like most other items in a Model, an Actual Template Parameter can be linked to an Activity Partition, Comment, Frame Box, General Node, General Flow, General Flow Diagram Node, Constraint (applied), General Flow Diagram Flow or Swimlane.